Set own photo as drive icon

We use many icons while using computer. We use these icons in our folders to clarify our window. But we get these icons from built in. Besides we can get these from CDs or different websites. But you can make icon yourself from your own thinking. You can add your own photo as your drive or folder icon.

To do this work, you will need only Adobe photoshop  software. I hope everybody knows this software. If you haven't, download from Adobe site. Open photoshop and open your photo. Cut the photo 60*60 pixel by cropping. Set resulation at 72px. Your photo will look like an icon. Now save the photo. When saving select the file format Bitmap (BMP) and give the file name with .ico extension as like given below.

Now go to the drive where saved the icon. Create a notepad file and type the code given below.

Here 'myphoto' will be replaced by your file name.

Now save the file with file name 'Autorun.inf'. Don't be frightened to see Autorun. Its not a virus. Its only an automatic running simple program. Now restart the computer. Lets see that the default drive icon has been changed by your icon. This icon can be used as your folder icon through customization.


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