See gmail account without internet connection

 You are working in internet. Suddenly your connection is disconnected or speed is too slow. But its urgent to check your mail box. In that case Google gives offline mode facility to their users where you can check your mail in offline mode. To activate this go to '' and download 24MB google chrome for free. If google chrome has installed in your computer before there is no need to download. Now go to '' and log in to gmail account at the right corner (Sign in). Now click on Add to chrome. If there is any installation notification appear then install it. Now click on 'Launch App'. When new page appear select 'Allow offline mail' and click Continue. Now you will see your inbox in offline mode. This page is gmail of offline mode.
To see complete gmail and want to edit it click Menu. When you compose your mail and send it, it will be stored in outbox and will ready to send. When your browser will connect to internet connection mail will automatically send.


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