How to Fix Blue Screen of Death

 Blue screen of death is a windows base computer problem which may cause death of your computer. When your computer affects by this blue screen of death problem, it would be difficult to overcome. This problem occurs when Windows get affected by a hardware, software or driver errors.
If your computer affected by this problem, in minor in nature, you can solve it only by restarting the system. When this blue screen of death problem is in serious issue, it should need proper diagnosis and all the operations become halted until fix. In serious cases, experienced and technical skilled personnel needed. Let’s see that how to fix infamous blue screen of death problem.

For Windows XP:
Removal of New Installations:
A newly installed hardware could be the cause of the blue screen of death. So, to fix it, simply remove the newly installations. 

Safe mode virus scan:
Virus scanning of your whole system in safe mode can fix the blue screen of death.

Refresh the hardwares:
Sometimes the dusts stored in hardwares may cause the problem of blue screen of death especially in RAM. Remove the RAM from the motherboard and clean it with soft and dry brush and then fix it again. Other hardwares may cause the blue screen of death.

Using ‘Last Known Good Configuration’ mode:
After undertaking the above measures, if the problem of blue screen of death is not solved even, the option of running the system in the 'last known good configuration' should be used.
In most cases of blue screen of death, the above steps should be helpful in overcoming the problem. Generally, outdated drivers, new installations, and even heating issues can be the main reasons behind the annoying blue screen of death. If these steps are not providing you the solutions, it is better to call in an expert, who will be able to fix the blue screen of death.

Windows Vista:
Using repair option:
Insert the Vista DVD in the drive and then boot it. Select the option of 'Repair Your Computer'. Next to select 'Startup Repair' from 'System Recovery Options' to fix the blue screen of death problem.
There is one more way to fix the blue screen of death problem in Windows Vista. The 'Automatic Restart on Fatal Error' option should be turned off so as to retain the blue screen of death error message long enough to read. This error message can be then be Googled to obtain the solution for this problem.
For Windows 7 the best way to fix the blue screen of death is to update your operating system with new fresh DVD.
The blue screen of death is an all too familiar occurrence for people using Windows, and knowing how to fix blue screen of death can save you not only time, but also money. However, it must be kept in mind that these solutions would only be helpful if the problem is minor, and serious problems will still require the help of a professional to successfully fix your computer from blue screen of death. 

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