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Only Bangla keypad phones will be used | restricted by BTRC

The phones using will be restricted which have no bangla keypad from February. This decision has been taken by the telecommunication regulatory commission (BTRC) of Bangladesh. Instructions have been issued so that these phones don't come through the airport or the sea ports either.
Bangladesh mobile phone business association did not deny this decision but urged to BTRC to flexible for 20,000 mobile phones that were pending import. There are 210 members in this association are involved in importing mobile phones in Bangladesh.
This ban was pressed by BTRC to increase the use of bangle language into trend and increase the ease of use. This ban was pressed on only the phones which are vastly used. Further directives will be noticed gradually.

Mobile Banking || New era of Banking in Bangladesh

Our life is becoming more frequent day by day in touch of Technology. Mobile banking is one of the tremendous touch of technology in banking sector. Though this technology has been populated in developed country earlier, in Bangladesh it was a dream for this opportunity in banking. But through the progress of Digital Bangladesh the dream has come true. The new era of banking in Bangladesh 'Mobile Banking' was inaugurated at 31st March 2011. Bangladesh Bank Governor Atiur Rahman had inaugurated it through deposited 2000Tk. in his Mobile Bank account. 
Ten leading bank had started this service to the customer. Among them 'Duch Bangla Bank Ltd.'  serves the wide and own structured network at first. DBBL serves this with the help of two mobile operator company named 'Citycell' and 'Banglalink'.

Bank Mobile Account Registration: Registration can be done in any approved agent point. Bank system will give a IVR (Interactive Voice Response) call or USSD prompt menu. Then the subscriber will give a four number PIN code to the answer which will use for transaction. 

Documents for registration: Filled KYC Form (given by the approved agent), Photos of the subscriber, National or any eligible ID card. 

Mobile Account Number: Your Mobile number will be the account number where a Check digit will be included. 

Compatible Mobile set: Any type of mobile set can be used for the service.

Account opening: Only 10/- (ten taka) will be needed for the first installment.

Balance deposit and withdrawal: Money can be deposited in any branch of the bank and approved agent. Then the system will send a confirmation message and the agent will give a receipt. Withdrawing can be done from approved agent bank ATM booth. In this process you will receive a IVR call or USSD prompt menu where you will have to give your PIN code. After successful transaction your will receive money from the agent and receive a confirmation message from the bank system.

Watch out in youtube:

Set your own message in windows welcome screen

Generally windows shows windows default logo and message when start up your computer as welcome screen. But you can set your own message as welcome message in windows operating system operated computers. No software is required to do this. You can do it easily from your windows run option. Go to Run from Start menu and type 'regedit' and press Enter. New window will appear. Click on 'HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE'. Then click Software-Microsoft-Wndows NT. New menu will appear. Then click 'Current Version' and then 'Winlogon'. 
Then double click on 'Legal Notice Caption' from the right box. New box will appear. Now write your message heading and click Ok.
Then double click on 'Legal Notice Text'. New box will appear. Now write your whole message and click Ok and then close the window.
Your message has been set. Now you can see your message will welcome you while windows start up.
If you want to stop the message just go through that way and erase your message.

Source: prothom alo

Speed up your Firefox browser

firfox logo
Mozilla Firefox is one of most popular internet browser to the internet users for both computer and mobile. Exciting features and flexibility is the key of its popularity. You can now speed up your firefox browser through some tricks.
You can reduce the loading time of a site through pipeline opportunity. To do this type 'about:config' in your address bar and press Enter. If any notification appears click Ok. Then type 'network.http' in filter. Now search the list and double click on 'network.http.pipelining' to make it 'true'. In the same manner, make true in 'network.http.proxy.pipelining'.
Then modify the 'network.http.pipelining.maxrequests' through right click. Give the value 30 and click Ok. That means browser will send maximum 30 requests.
Now right click on the blank portion of the page and then New and then select 'Integer' option. Type the name 'nglayout.initialpaint.delay'. Click Ok and set nalue 0 and again click Ok. That means browser will receive information within 0 sec. 
Clear browser log regularly.
Clear the temporary files after browsing and keep your browser up to date.

Microsoft India's Online store has been hacked | Cyber war moves new turn

Microsoft India's Online store has been hacked by Chinese hackers to continue the battle of cyber war. It was forced to close after an apparent hacking attack from a group calling itself Evil Shadow Tea.
Microsoft said it was "investigating a limited compromise".
Customer data was found unencrypted on the site, the purported hacker told Reuters news agency.
Microsoft would not confirm that data was not encrypted and in a statement said: "We are diligently working to remedy the issue and keep our customers protected."
A message on the site apologised to customers for the shutdown.For moe details BBC News

Production of Doel Laptop has been closed

Doel Laptop production had started under the guidance of Bangladesh Government with a view to Digital Bangladesh. To achieve this goal, Telephone Shilpo Sangstha (টেশিস) and Malaysian Company 'TFT' contributed to the production of Doel. The production was inaugurated by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. But three months after production has started, it has been closed. The cause behind the closing of production is the high cost of production claimed by the higher authority of  Telephone Shilpo Sangstha. Before the production, the authority said that 60% of total parts will produce in Bangladesh and the rests will be imported but the ultimate fact that whole parts were imported from china. The authority also said that the cost of the laptop will around reach to the general people and it will about 10,000/- to 12,000/-. But the ultimately the price was more higher than the expectation which is out of reach of general people. So the ultimate vision of Government "Vision 2021" has been partially failed. Lets see the price and details of different model of Doel laptop

Cyber War Started in Bangladesh against India

Hackers of Bangladesh and India are moving on cyber war to hack the websites. This war started from Bangladesh. The motive behind the war is to stop killing at Bangladesh-India border by BSF (Border Security Force) said by the Bangladeshi hackers. While Bangladesh Govt. has not taken any steps to protest the border killing, some young boys are showing their patriotism through virtual war against Indian torture. Bangladesh Black HAT Hackers (BBHH), Bangladesh Cyber Army, Expire Cyber Army are the leading hacker group from Bangladesh to direct this war whereas 'Indishell' hacking club at the side of India. BBHH has released a video on youtube to provide their motives behind the war. Bangladeshi hackers said that they already hacked 10,000 Indian websites whereas the Indain hackers hacked 300 websites. Bangladeshi Hackers are committed to continue this war until stop killing at Indian border.

Update your facebook status via voice

Do you want to update your facebook status? Are you not interested in writing status in keyboard or mobile? Do you want update your fb status orally? Yah guys... it's possible now! It can be done whose are using android phones. To do this you have to download 'Status MC' software from android market. To download for free log in to . Its size is only 112 KB. You can update your facebook status through voice only in English and you have to log in to facebook in your mobile browser. So lets enjoy guys...