Pay your tax online in Bangladesh

Now you can pay your tax through debit or credit card or internet access instead of queuing for hours at a bank. The National Board of Revenue (NRB) of Bangladesh introduced an online tax payment system at a function at Bangabandhu International Conference Center in Dhaka. At first, people will pay their tax through only Sonali Bank. Another 25 banks will join the system within few days. More banks will join the system later. 
Banks for online tax payment :
  • Sonali Bank
  • Janata Bank
  • Bank Asia 
  • BASIC Bank
  • Commerce Bank
  • Eastern Bank
  • IFIC Bank
  • ICB Islamic Bank
  • Jamuna Bank
  • Mercantile Bank
  • Mutual Trust Bank
  • National Bank
  • NCCB
  • Pubali Bank
  • Shahjalal Islami Bank
  • Social Islami Bank
  •  Standard Bank
  • City Bank
  • Trust Bank
  • Uttara Bank
  • Exim Bank
  • Dhaka Bank
  • South East Bank
  • United Commercial Bank
  • State Bank of India
NBR's e-payment website,, is easy to use, secure and completely free of charge. Only registered users can make e-payment and get the full functionality of the site. There will be separate sections for income tax, VAT and customs duty in the profile form of each taxpayers. 
The website will ask for card number and password once a user enters his account. Then the income tax will be automatically deducted from the card and the user will be able see the amount deducted on the screen. 
The system is also integrated with Sonali Bank, QCash (e-payment processor), Customs database and integrated budgeting and accounting system of the Controller General of Accounts office. 
The NBR introduced an online return submission system last year on a trial basis in two zones and the tax administrator aims to enable all taxpayers to submit returns online by 2013.


Tax Refund:Organizations can increase tax benefits by hiring expert accountants from reputable firms. They will try to reduce tax liabilities and make profitable plans for tax refund.

If people of Bangladesh have to pay tax as online then they should be use Because it is very easy and best to use and more beneficial then other online payment system. They can use debit and credit card in Merchant Inc. In fact, I am also using it these days.

We want, every govt. and non-govt. organization will be under e-payment system and help to make our country digital.

I'm starting to put my tax brackets together now and looking for ways to reduce earned income. Good thing I can contribute to an IRA until April.

very good information.thanks

This is a great resource for the people of Bangladesh to know where to pay their taxes online! Keep up the great work keeping people in charge of their Online Taxes.

Tax aid and tax return preparation for foreign nationals, consisting of nonresident aliens. U.S. tax guide for local and nonresident aliens, consisting of details on social security tax (FICA), state earnings tax and tax treaties.

If you still can't take some time off to process your tax in your hometown and ou are abroad, you can always count on expatriate tax services being offered around.

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We want, every govt. and non-govt. organization will be under e-payment system and help to make our country digital.

Seriously? Who wants to stand in line for hours in banks to pay bills and taxes?


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