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Install Windows 7 from USB Drive

 Computer can't do any task without operating system in windows base computers. An operating system is a operating software program which operate all the work done by computer. For many reasons we need to reinstall the operating system. For installing windows generally we use compact disks by the use of optical drives. But the lens of optical drives are more sensitive which can damage easily. So we need to install windows in other ways.
You can use USB Drives or pen drives to install windows. To install windows by using USB drives you have to make the drive bootable first. There are many software's that you can use to make the drive bootable. But here in my technique there is no need to use any third party software.
For doing this technique you have to choose a fresh compact disk of Windows 7 and a USB storage device or pen drive. For this work you will need 4GB pen drive. You can make your drive bootable in following ways:
  1. First connect your pen drive to the computer and delete your all the data or transfer them to other places. 
  2. Run your command prompt from the start menu. Here you will see C:\Windows\system32>
  3. Then write here: DISKPART. Then press Enter. DISKPART> will appear in the screen when the Diskpart program run.
  4. Then type LIST DISK. Then you will all the drive name of your drives and removable drives. Name of hard drive will appear like Disk 0 and removable drive will appear like Disk 1. Detect the removable drive by seeing the disk space.
  5. If the name of pendrive is Disk 1 then type SELECT DISK 1. If another name appeared then type SELECT and then the drive name. 
  6. When the selection confirmation message appears then type the following commands chronologically.

After every command it may take few times to work. When formatting it will  take more time and when completed "100 percent completed" will appear. Then type EXIT to close the Diskpart program. Then minimize the command prompt.
  1. Then insert Windows 7 Disk in the DVD ROM. Note down the DVD drive letter and pen drive letter. 
  2. Maximize the command prompt and type I: CD BOOT and press Enter. Then the DVD file will open. Here I: is the drive letter of DVD ROM and J: is the drive letter of pen drive. You will use your own drive letter according to appearance in your PC.
  3. Command screen will show I:\>CD BOOT. Then type BOOTSECT.EXE /NT60 J: and then press enter. If everything is ok then "Bootcode was successfully updated on all targeted volumes" will appear. If this message appears it ensures that you have completed to make your drive bootable successfully. 
  4. Then copy all the file from your CD to the pen drive. If you have problem in optical drive you can do this by the use of another computer.
Now this time to install the windows in your pc. Insert your bootable pen drive in your PC and start your PC. Then by pressing F2 of Del to enter into the bios setup option. Go to the Boot configuration option and select USB drive as first boot device. Then select 2nd and 3rd boot device as Hard drive and optical drive respectively. Then save your setting by pressing F10 and exit. When your PC restarts the installation process will start automatically. 
Generally it takes less time then optical drive. So it can be effective.

See gmail account without internet connection

 You are working in internet. Suddenly your connection is disconnected or speed is too slow. But its urgent to check your mail box. In that case Google gives offline mode facility to their users where you can check your mail in offline mode. To activate this go to '' and download 24MB google chrome for free. If google chrome has installed in your computer before there is no need to download. Now go to '' and log in to gmail account at the right corner (Sign in). Now click on Add to chrome. If there is any installation notification appear then install it. Now click on 'Launch App'. When new page appear select 'Allow offline mail' and click Continue. Now you will see your inbox in offline mode. This page is gmail of offline mode.
To see complete gmail and want to edit it click Menu. When you compose your mail and send it, it will be stored in outbox and will ready to send. When your browser will connect to internet connection mail will automatically send.

Clean up your PC automatically

Generally many unnecessary files stored in your computer as temporary file. Internet users face this problem more. These temporary files can slow your computer unexpectedly. Besides it will give pressure on RAM.  Generally we use Start/Run command to delete Recent, Temp, Prefetch files but you can do it through one click. Lets start-
To do this open a notepad file in Desktop and rename it 'Cleanpc.bat'. Now type the code in that file as shown below-

CD C:\WINDOWS\Prefetch
CD Recent

Now save the file and close it. Now double click on this file and clean your all temporary files by one click. I hope it would be enjoyable.

Enhance your pendrive space

 Most of the computer users use pendrive frequently. It is now the most popular media of data transfer. Generally pendrive runs in FAT or FAT32 file format by default. Thats why there is no opportunity to compress the size of the files. But it can be done in NTFS file system. File system can be converted from FAT to NTFS. To do this go to Start and then Run and type 'cmd' and then press Enter. Command prompt will open. Now type 'ConvertX:/FS:NTFS' and press Enter. Here X is denoted as your drive letter. As for example, If your pen drive letter is L will be replaced by X. You also can do this format by HP USB Disk Format tool to convert it to NTFS file system.
Now right click on My computer and then go to properties. Now click on 'Compass Drive to Save Disc Space' option and click Ok। Now click on Apply to Sub Folders and Files (if appear) and click Ok and then leave.
Now your pen drive will not take more space like before. So that it will save your pendrive memory.

Set own photo as drive icon

We use many icons while using computer. We use these icons in our folders to clarify our window. But we get these icons from built in. Besides we can get these from CDs or different websites. But you can make icon yourself from your own thinking. You can add your own photo as your drive or folder icon.

To do this work, you will need only Adobe photoshop  software. I hope everybody knows this software. If you haven't, download from Adobe site. Open photoshop and open your photo. Cut the photo 60*60 pixel by cropping. Set resulation at 72px. Your photo will look like an icon. Now save the photo. When saving select the file format Bitmap (BMP) and give the file name with .ico extension as like given below.

Now go to the drive where saved the icon. Create a notepad file and type the code given below.

Here 'myphoto' will be replaced by your file name.

Now save the file with file name 'Autorun.inf'. Don't be frightened to see Autorun. Its not a virus. Its only an automatic running simple program. Now restart the computer. Lets see that the default drive icon has been changed by your icon. This icon can be used as your folder icon through customization.

Protect your file in pendrive

We save our important files or documents in pendrive. Sometimes we need to protect this files from others to see or to use. you can protect these files by password protection. That's why no one can see your files without your permission. To do this you will need a software 'Folder protector'. 
To download go to or This file is only 893 KB, mobile and no need to install. Copy this software in pendrive and the files you want to protect copy in pendrive. Now run the software and give your password. Retype the password in reenter box. Click the Protect button.
To unprotect the files, open the software and select Temporary or Complete option. Enter your password and click Unprotect.

Add favicon in blogger

More or less we all know about blogging. Google blogspot is well known in blogging world. Every many bloggers posted to publish their opinion. Besides blogger is one of most popular online earning site.
Favicon is important for any site. It can separate a site from others and it also branding of a site. It also clarify your site. 

First you have to create an icon file with .ico extension. To do this you can either get help from any icon generator site or can make from photoshop. Resulation can be 16*16px. Now upload the icon in your blogspot site and copy the URL of the icon.
Now go to Dashboard. Go to Design/Edit HTML. Now find out <b:skin><![CDATA[/* in your template through Ctrl+F. Now just paste the code given below above <b:skin><![CDATA[/*
<link rel="shortcut icon" href="" />
<link rel="icon" href="" />

Now save the template and preview.

Note: Replace the red portion by your image URL.

See your facebook friends Chat History

To see offline friends chat history go to respective friends profile and note   User_ID.  If User_ID is hidden, Right click 'send message' or 'poke' option and select copy link location/Address. Now paste it in notepad. This is the User_ID. Now go to friend profile and type in address bar : javascript:buddyList.itemOnClick(User_ID); Now click Enter to see the chat history. But if the history was cleared it will not be seen.

Apple new chairman: Arthur Levinson

After the death of the legend in IT sector Steve Jobs, Arthur Levinsor has been appointed in his place. Apple corporation has declared the name Arthur Levinson as the Chairman. Besides Disney Chief Director Bob Eiger has appointed as the member of Board of Directors.

আর্থার লেভিনসনের পূর্ণ প্রোফাইলের জন্য এখানে ক্লিক করুন

source : BBC News, Forbs Magazine

Speed up RAM of your computer

RAM is the most important hardware of any computer. It bears the virtual memory of a computer and erases when computer shut down. Working time of a computer with out turn off and memory without saved in hard disc save in RAM. When computer runs long time lot of temporary files created and deposited in RAM. If the size of temporary files exceeds the limit of RAM memory it will slow down the computer. So the temporary files should have to erase. There are some options to erase the temporary files.

-Go to Run and type %Temp% and click ok. Delete all the files form the appeared window. Those files are not deleted skip them.
-Go to Run and type Recent. Select all and delete.
-Go to Run and type prefetch. Select all files and delete them.

Besides these type Tree in Run and click Ok to increase the speed up the RAM.

Create your own folder locker

We frequently use folder locker to protect our personal files. But most of the times it requires license agreement. We can create this valuable software by Notepad. Lets do it...
First open Notepad and type the code mentioned below and save the file by giving file name Lock.bat.

ren xxx xxx. {21EC2020-3AEA-1069-A2DD-08002B30309D}

Look out the underline portion 'xxx xxx'. Here type your folder name. Look at the sample.

ren sample sample. {21EC2020-3AEA-1069-A2DD-08002B30309D}

Now open the file with double click and refresh. Your folder icon has been replaced by Control panel icon. If you open it your control panel will open. That means your folder already has been locked.
Now create another file to unlock this folder and give the file name Unlock.bat type the code mentioned below in the file.

ren sample. {21EC2020-3AEA-1069-A2DD-08002B30309D} sample

Now open the file and refresh. It will be as like as before.

Free your Harddisc spaces

Sometimes Harddisc shows space full though remains empty spaces. In this case you can erase the temporary or unnecessary files. To do this first go to Tools/folder option/view (for XP) or Organise/Folder and search option/view (for Win7) and deselect the Hide protected operating system files (recommended) option and select show hidden files and folders option. Now go to any drive and you will find a hidden file 'system volume information'. Delete all files inside it but not delete the folder. Then hidden the files again following the process above.