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How to Fix Blue Screen of Death

 Blue screen of death is a windows base computer problem which may cause death of your computer. When your computer affects by this blue screen of death problem, it would be difficult to overcome. This problem occurs when Windows get affected by a hardware, software or driver errors.
If your computer affected by this problem, in minor in nature, you can solve it only by restarting the system. When this blue screen of death problem is in serious issue, it should need proper diagnosis and all the operations become halted until fix. In serious cases, experienced and technical skilled personnel needed. Let’s see that how to fix infamous blue screen of death problem.

For Windows XP:
Removal of New Installations:
A newly installed hardware could be the cause of the blue screen of death. So, to fix it, simply remove the newly installations. 

Safe mode virus scan:
Virus scanning of your whole system in safe mode can fix the blue screen of death.

Refresh the hardwares:
Sometimes the dusts stored in hardwares may cause the problem of blue screen of death especially in RAM. Remove the RAM from the motherboard and clean it with soft and dry brush and then fix it again. Other hardwares may cause the blue screen of death.

Using ‘Last Known Good Configuration’ mode:
After undertaking the above measures, if the problem of blue screen of death is not solved even, the option of running the system in the 'last known good configuration' should be used.
In most cases of blue screen of death, the above steps should be helpful in overcoming the problem. Generally, outdated drivers, new installations, and even heating issues can be the main reasons behind the annoying blue screen of death. If these steps are not providing you the solutions, it is better to call in an expert, who will be able to fix the blue screen of death.

Windows Vista:
Using repair option:
Insert the Vista DVD in the drive and then boot it. Select the option of 'Repair Your Computer'. Next to select 'Startup Repair' from 'System Recovery Options' to fix the blue screen of death problem.
There is one more way to fix the blue screen of death problem in Windows Vista. The 'Automatic Restart on Fatal Error' option should be turned off so as to retain the blue screen of death error message long enough to read. This error message can be then be Googled to obtain the solution for this problem.
For Windows 7 the best way to fix the blue screen of death is to update your operating system with new fresh DVD.
The blue screen of death is an all too familiar occurrence for people using Windows, and knowing how to fix blue screen of death can save you not only time, but also money. However, it must be kept in mind that these solutions would only be helpful if the problem is minor, and serious problems will still require the help of a professional to successfully fix your computer from blue screen of death. 

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Pay your tax online in Bangladesh

Now you can pay your tax through debit or credit card or internet access instead of queuing for hours at a bank. The National Board of Revenue (NRB) of Bangladesh introduced an online tax payment system at a function at Bangabandhu International Conference Center in Dhaka. At first, people will pay their tax through only Sonali Bank. Another 25 banks will join the system within few days. More banks will join the system later. 
Banks for online tax payment :
  • Sonali Bank
  • Janata Bank
  • Bank Asia 
  • BASIC Bank
  • Commerce Bank
  • Eastern Bank
  • IFIC Bank
  • ICB Islamic Bank
  • Jamuna Bank
  • Mercantile Bank
  • Mutual Trust Bank
  • National Bank
  • NCCB
  • Pubali Bank
  • Shahjalal Islami Bank
  • Social Islami Bank
  •  Standard Bank
  • City Bank
  • Trust Bank
  • Uttara Bank
  • Exim Bank
  • Dhaka Bank
  • South East Bank
  • United Commercial Bank
  • State Bank of India
NBR's e-payment website,, is easy to use, secure and completely free of charge. Only registered users can make e-payment and get the full functionality of the site. There will be separate sections for income tax, VAT and customs duty in the profile form of each taxpayers. 
The website will ask for card number and password once a user enters his account. Then the income tax will be automatically deducted from the card and the user will be able see the amount deducted on the screen. 
The system is also integrated with Sonali Bank, QCash (e-payment processor), Customs database and integrated budgeting and accounting system of the Controller General of Accounts office. 
The NBR introduced an online return submission system last year on a trial basis in two zones and the tax administrator aims to enable all taxpayers to submit returns online by 2013.

Microworkers | opportunity to earn money is the standard place for the workers of data entry. You can easily earn 20-30 dollar per month from this site. Basic difference from the other data entry site is there is no need to bid for the work. Anyone can do the work after registration. Generally the rate is 10 cent to 2 dollar for each work. The works in this site are writing article, sign up, twit etc which can be finish within 5 minutes. The main characteristics of this site is that you have to give prove after finishing the work.

Type of works and rate :
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Wndows 8 | Detailed information

Recently Microsoft has released detailed information about their new operating system Windows 8. This computer will run both 32 and 64 bit computer. They said that this new operating system will be four types according to need of users. These types are-
  • Windows 8 Regular
  • Windows 8 Pro
  • Windows 8 RT
  • Windows 8 Enterprise 
Windows 8 Regular : This category made for the basic users. Users can use it to do their daily works.

Windows 8Pro : Windows 8Pro is made for the Companies, Developer and technology minded people. There are some advanced options like file encrypting, boot from virtual hard drives. Besides it's included media pack add-on which is absent in Regular package.

Windows 8 RT : This package is specially designed for tablet devices. This version can not be bought. It will included with the tablets. Besides Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint, onenote free version will be in preinstalled in this version. 

Windows 8 Enterprise : This version is designed for the highly professional users. It consists of some extra features along with Windows 8 Pro which will be useful for the IT professionals.

Microsoft has not declared the released date of this full featured operating system yet.

Twitter access blocked in Pakistan

twitter logo
Pakistan authorities have blocked the access in social networking site 'Twitter' due to presence of offensive matters.This is an issue about blasphemous and inflammatory. In 2010, Muslims considered blasphemy about facebook competition involving the picture of Holly Prophet Muhammad (sm) said by some officials. The telecommunication authority negotiated with them (twitter) to remove their stuff but they didn't agree and that's why they blocked it.
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Source : bbc news

Prothom alo in your Nokia phone

 Now-a-days online news is very popular to the people. People can switch their smartphone or mobile to know the latest news through the online newspapers. There are many online news providing sites around us.
Prothom-alo is one of the leading newspapers in Bangladesh. E-prothomalo is their most popular online version news providing site. Now you can have their latest news in your mobile through their mobile version in Bengali language which is merged with Nokia mobile. They developed this app to provide latest news more faster to your hand. You can use this app in Nokia smartphone as well as internet using Nokia phones.
You can download this apps from Nokia store for free. Besides you can get it from
This app is very much dynamic and easier. You can also post your comments against any news.

Free .info domain with every purchase of .com domain

 A most popular web hosting site providing an exiting offer. They are providing a .info domain at free of cost with every purchase of .com domain. It's price is also reasonable which is only $12.99. This free domain offer valid for 1 year. Isn't is cool! Try it.

33rd BCS | Seat plan for preli test out

 Public service commission has published the seat plan for 33rd BCS preliminary test. The preliminary test would kick off at 142 centres across six divisions on June 1said Mir Mosharraf Hossain, the Public Relation Officer of the PSC. Nearly 194,000 candidates would sit the tests against 4,206 posts this year. 
The exam will begin at 10.00 AM and candidates will have to take their seat before 9.20 AM.
There are 142 centres, 84 are in Dhaka, 27 in Rajshahi, 11 in Chittagong, 10 in Khulna, six in Sylhet and four in Barisal. 

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