Install Windows 7 from USB Drive

 Computer can't do any task without operating system in windows base computers. An operating system is a operating software program which operate all the work done by computer. For many reasons we need to reinstall the operating system. For installing windows generally we use compact disks by the use of optical drives. But the lens of optical drives are more sensitive which can damage easily. So we need to install windows in other ways.
You can use USB Drives or pen drives to install windows. To install windows by using USB drives you have to make the drive bootable first. There are many software's that you can use to make the drive bootable. But here in my technique there is no need to use any third party software.
For doing this technique you have to choose a fresh compact disk of Windows 7 and a USB storage device or pen drive. For this work you will need 4GB pen drive. You can make your drive bootable in following ways:
  1. First connect your pen drive to the computer and delete your all the data or transfer them to other places. 
  2. Run your command prompt from the start menu. Here you will see C:\Windows\system32>
  3. Then write here: DISKPART. Then press Enter. DISKPART> will appear in the screen when the Diskpart program run.
  4. Then type LIST DISK. Then you will all the drive name of your drives and removable drives. Name of hard drive will appear like Disk 0 and removable drive will appear like Disk 1. Detect the removable drive by seeing the disk space.
  5. If the name of pendrive is Disk 1 then type SELECT DISK 1. If another name appeared then type SELECT and then the drive name. 
  6. When the selection confirmation message appears then type the following commands chronologically.

After every command it may take few times to work. When formatting it will  take more time and when completed "100 percent completed" will appear. Then type EXIT to close the Diskpart program. Then minimize the command prompt.
  1. Then insert Windows 7 Disk in the DVD ROM. Note down the DVD drive letter and pen drive letter. 
  2. Maximize the command prompt and type I: CD BOOT and press Enter. Then the DVD file will open. Here I: is the drive letter of DVD ROM and J: is the drive letter of pen drive. You will use your own drive letter according to appearance in your PC.
  3. Command screen will show I:\>CD BOOT. Then type BOOTSECT.EXE /NT60 J: and then press enter. If everything is ok then "Bootcode was successfully updated on all targeted volumes" will appear. If this message appears it ensures that you have completed to make your drive bootable successfully. 
  4. Then copy all the file from your CD to the pen drive. If you have problem in optical drive you can do this by the use of another computer.
Now this time to install the windows in your pc. Insert your bootable pen drive in your PC and start your PC. Then by pressing F2 of Del to enter into the bios setup option. Go to the Boot configuration option and select USB drive as first boot device. Then select 2nd and 3rd boot device as Hard drive and optical drive respectively. Then save your setting by pressing F10 and exit. When your PC restarts the installation process will start automatically. 
Generally it takes less time then optical drive. So it can be effective.


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