Speed up RAM of your computer

RAM is the most important hardware of any computer. It bears the virtual memory of a computer and erases when computer shut down. Working time of a computer with out turn off and memory without saved in hard disc save in RAM. When computer runs long time lot of temporary files created and deposited in RAM. If the size of temporary files exceeds the limit of RAM memory it will slow down the computer. So the temporary files should have to erase. There are some options to erase the temporary files.

-Go to Run and type %Temp% and click ok. Delete all the files form the appeared window. Those files are not deleted skip them.
-Go to Run and type Recent. Select all and delete.
-Go to Run and type prefetch. Select all files and delete them.

Besides these type Tree in Run and click Ok to increase the speed up the RAM.


Hmmm... I should try this way of speeding up my computer's RAM. It seems quite easy to do.
Also, a friend who works at a professional IT consultancy in Toronto recommended me to install some maintenance software, which are very useful if we want to have clean and good working devices.

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