Production of Doel Laptop has been closed

Doel Laptop production had started under the guidance of Bangladesh Government with a view to Digital Bangladesh. To achieve this goal, Telephone Shilpo Sangstha (টেশিস) and Malaysian Company 'TFT' contributed to the production of Doel. The production was inaugurated by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. But three months after production has started, it has been closed. The cause behind the closing of production is the high cost of production claimed by the higher authority of  Telephone Shilpo Sangstha. Before the production, the authority said that 60% of total parts will produce in Bangladesh and the rests will be imported but the ultimate fact that whole parts were imported from china. The authority also said that the cost of the laptop will around reach to the general people and it will about 10,000/- to 12,000/-. But the ultimately the price was more higher than the expectation which is out of reach of general people. So the ultimate vision of Government "Vision 2021" has been partially failed. Lets see the price and details of different model of Doel laptop


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